Hi! I’m a bit of an eclectic character:

  • I was born in the United States, but grew up in Switzerland, France, and Italy.
  • I am completely over-educated: undergraduate degree in English/Art at Wake Forest University; MA in Teaching from UNC-Chapel Hill; and PhD in Romance Languages (Philology, French, Italian, and Spanish) from UNC-Chapel Hill. My dissertation was all about how to read surrealist texts and science fiction. I love to teach.
  • I went back to school in graphic design the year before my son was born.
  • I live in Yachats, Oregon, right on the coast, and they have a big ocean here. Growing up in Switzerland didn’t really prepare me for this. I’m in love with the ocean.
  • I love Formula One driving (to watch, that is). I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot when I was growing up.
  • I also love to draw and paint and work out patterns and design on the computer, as well as photography, making jewelry, and cooking.